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About Our Business

We Provide Sustainable Materials for Infrastructure

Brens North America wants to improve the way we build our urban environments from buildings to rail.

Brens develops materials and solutions to address the new challenges emerging from climate change in urban environments. From addressing heat island effect, noise, and flooding, Brens brings a passive, environmentally friendly way to minimize the impact of these significant and costly events. 


Brens North America uses excess textile materials from the automotive industry around the world. Millions of tonnes of these materials are produced as excess waste. We utilize this waste and produce materials that not only reduce the landfills, but also retains significant amounts of water, reduces noise, and cools the surrounding area.

Our materials are cost effective, environmentally friendly, durable, and non toxic. We do not use any adhesives or special chemical treatments. Our materials are the best thing since sliced bread!


Ask us how we can help you with your infrastructure project!

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